The debut album from The Deep Roots - Never Coming Back


Never Coming Back, an odd name for a debut album. But these are odd times.

Everyone has lost something to Covid-19. Something that is never coming back. Some have lost loved ones, jobs, and livelihoods and our thoughts and prayers go out to them. For most of us, the challenge is to just keep plowing ahead faced with so much uncertainty. 

But Never Coming Back is also a statement of optimism. A decision has been made to go in a new direction that will hopefully be better. Kind of ironic for a four-piece rock band working in the tradition of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and The Kinks that took its name from The Lord of the Rings.

If you take a listen, you'll hear that we aren't trying to recreate or imitate the British Invasion. We are inspired by American rhythm and blues, jazz, country, and the lyrics of Bob Dylan that influenced those bands, and we are making our claim there is still more to be said under those influences. That's optimism.

The cover photo was taken by Natalie Belin as we were walking home from a photo shoot. We knew it was the album cover right away. It captures the loss and the optimism.

Album Credits

  1. Newspaper Man (Kerr)
  2. Neon Lights (Oreski)
  3. Dreaming Hard (Sullivan)
  4. Another Lie (Kerr)
  5. Soft Soft Sand (Sullivan)
  6. Seesaws (Adaptation of the poem "Seesaws" by Samuel Hazo by Oreski)
  7.  Ain't No Sunshine (Withers)
  8. Over Our Heads (Sullivan)
  9. Ragtop Eldorado (Kerr)

Back-up vocals on "Dreaming Hard" by Erin Kerr.
Cover photo by Natalie Belin.
Cover design by Ryan Kerr.
Recorded in our practice space. Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Ryan Kerr.

Copyright 2020.



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Andrew Oreski

Bass and vocals

Andy has played trombone, mandolin, guitar, bass, and has sung in The Deep Roots. In recent years he has stuck to bass and singing. As a student at Waynesburg University, he participated in the musical productions and sang in the jazz choir. As an alum, he remains active in the Waynesburg music program. Andy has been unsuccessful convincing the rest of the band he doesn’t have any music talent. Quite to the contrary, he is the on stage quarterback who holds the band together.

Ryan Kerr

Guitar and Vocals

Ryan Kerr has been playing guitar since high school. He produced, recorded, engineered, and mixed the band’s first EP Therapy Sessions in less than six weeks despite never having used recording software before. Ryan has an encyclopedia knowledge of contemporary music. He and his wife, Erin who regularly sits in with the band, have seen over a thousand shows together. He is also a troubleshooting ninja, which is a lifesaver for a band.

Mark Sullivan

Guitar and vocals

Mark has played in bands on and off since the early 1990s. He likes to brag that he has played at legendary Pittsburgh clubs like The Decade and Graffiti and that songs he has written have been played on WYEP. He also studied guitar with some of Pittsburgh’s finest teachers, the late D.C. Fitzgerald, Ernie Hawkins, and John Purse. Mark’s wife, Celeste, is an accomplished trumpet player who occasionally sits in with the band. Her patience with the band’s Monday night rehearsals in the basement has been a source of the band’s longevity. Mark’s responsibilities in The Deep Roots include social media promotion and other myth making activities. He also writes about music on the band's blog. His writings on music have appeared in Glide, Dagger Zine, and Spirit of Cecilia.

James Sullivan


James Sullivan has been keeping a steady beat since he was old enough to hold something to bang on. At the age of seven, he started taking drum lessons from Vince Wallace at the Monroeville Music Lesson Center and has been studying the last several years with renowned traveling music teacher and session musician Chris Belin. He played his first gig at the age of nine and hasn’t stopped since. It was James’s idea to form the band. He is also the one in the band who insisting that no matter what, “It has to rock.”

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