Review in Dagger Zine

The following review of Never Coming Back appeared in Dagger Zine on February 8, 2021.

Its always nice when you find out that an occasional contributor to this site, in this case guitarist Mark Sullivan, is also a musician and has a band of his own. This quartet hails from Pittsburgh (Go Bucs!) and are proud of it took (sometimes I see their band name written as The Deep Roots of Pittsburgh, PA). They’ve got an interesting take on the rock pop genre, oh sure you’ll hear an influence of the biggies (Beatles, Stones, etc.) but I hear some 90’s indie rock and even some alt country stuff as well. All four of the folks write and sing to as in addition to Sullivan you’ve got Ryan Kerr on guitar/vocals, Andrew Oreski on bass/vocals and James Sullivan on drums/vocals. The gentle pop stylings of ‘Dreaming Hard’ is among my favorites here as is the dreamy "Soft Soft Sand” (which reminded me of a mix between 50’s woo wop and an early Flying Nun records cut) and the bouncy “Over Our Heads” (with a great shout chorus). The band sees these songs a mix of both loss (with all that COVID has brought) and a sense of optimism as well and in the past year that totally makes sense. Lets hope the optimism keeps up and they write more songs!