On the Hypnotic Sound of The Vulgar Boatmen

 An image borrowed from The Vulgar Boatmen Facebook Page. Not sure of the origin. It fits the theme of the post.

A word that I often hear people use to describe the Boatmen’s sound is “hypnotic.” I’ve also heard “trance”…

Year No. 2: September is Vulgar Boatmen Awareness Month

Vulgar Boatmen Awareness Month began as Vulgar Boatmen appreciation day, September 23rd, with an e-mail to some old bandmates as a funny excuse to stay in touch. With my “modernization” last year, my wife set-up a Facebook page for me…

Why I’m Singing Cheeseburger In Paradise Today

Synchro fills a certain niche that you never knew there was a need for.

For years, Celeste and the kids would hear the songs and catch glimpses of synchro practice as they walked over to the tennis courts each morning…

One Year of Blogging (Not as Boring as it Sounds)

It just goes to show you never can tell. 

It has been one year since my first blog post on The Deep Roots web-site. If I was using my project management skills, I would have set goals for myself with…

Set List for the Concert for the Pool

Picture of random setlist from the internet. Our setlist is as follows. Order and contents subject to change.


Baby what you want me to do (Jimmy Reed)

The Wanderer (Dion)

Folsom Prison (Johnny Cash)

California Stars (Wilco)


Neon Lights (Original)

The Beauty of Forest Hills – Good Enough for VRBO 

I felt like I could be on vacation someplace far away. Is this neighborhood on VRBO?

Walking around Forest Hills the past two weekends as part of Scouting for Food gave me a whole new perspective. I went down a…

Remembering Grant McLennan 

Grant McLennan:  February 12, 1958 – May 6, 2006

I’m highly susceptible to the phrase “The Greatest Band You’ve Never Heard Of.” What? A great band that I have never heard of. Who are they? 

Starting with my teenage infatuation…

More Than a Pool - The Forest Hills Pool 

Opens in one month - May 29th!

A friend of mine compares The Forest Hills Pool to a time machine. I can’t think of a better comparison. The pool opened in the summer of 1968, and as far as I…

Grant McLennan Tribute by Mark Davies

I'm a new convert to the Go-Betweens. I noticed that May 6th is the 15th anniversary of the passing of Grant McLennan, so I posted on the Go-Betweens fan page on Facebook if anyone was interested in writing a tribute

From the Profit He's Made on Your Dreams

“And the man in the suit has just bought a new car from the profit he's made on your dreams” Low Spark of High Heeled Boys 

I received this e-mail today and I couldn’t help but make some comments in…

Happy Easter

Leisure is not the cessation of work, but work of another kind, work restored to its human meaning, as a celebration and a festival. -Roger Scruton

We watched Easter Parade last night, as has been our tradition on Easter. In…