The Best Band in This Town - Meeting of Important People

I am so happy to see Meeting of Important People headlining The Three Rivers Arts Festival this year. The Festival did not play out as planned, but the fact that this criminally underrated band is getting the attention they deserve is a silver lining. 

Disclaimer: I have never met these guys. I’m not getting paid to boost this on Facebook. I am just an opinionated music snob who likes to pontificate.

I should also add that if I ever write a song as good as “All Rode Off Together” I will demand that they put a statue of me down in front of The Carnegie. 

So this is not a “please support the local band” guilt-trip post. It isn’t like they are lacking in some way that we need to overlook. They are making high level art. If not many people hear it, it is the community that doesn’t receive it that is less for it. Check them out. You'll catch the thrill of witnessing something being done really well. Couldn't we all use that?

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